Zwickau and the Reformation

Most people will not associate Zwickau with Martin Luther (1483-1546) or the Reformation in the first place. However, the fourth-largest city of Saxony is not only famous for its automotive tradition or the romantic composer Robert Schumann who was born here. It also has a close connection to the Reformer Luther since Zwickau has been the second city around the world — after Wittenberg — where the Reformation was completely enforced.

That is why Zwickau has a special status among the numerous sites of the Reformation. Luther himself preached four times at Zwickau and he temporally had a close friendship with Hermann Mühlpfort, the mayor of Zwickau at these times. 

Visitors may still discover historical witnesses of the Reformation — although 500 years have passed since those days — linked with each other by a small city walk.


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